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Three pack service:

24 hours after sale response:

After sales training:

Free training is provided according to user's requirement. The training content includes infrared principle, instrument working principle and maintenance. The training place is decided by the buyer. If user operators change in the future, they can also provide free training for new technicians.

After receiving the quality problems, information and technical service requests from users, the response will be completed within 24 hours and within 10 working days.

  The date of sale of JINJIEYOU products , The quality problem is changed within 15 days, and the whole machine is guaranteed for one year.
   Maintenance Services: All our products can enjoy free maintenance services during the warranty period (except for problems such as factory adjustment of processing technology, use of fabrics or sewing thread beyond the normal range of use specified by the machine, manufacture of processes beyond the sewing performance of the products, etc.)
During the warranty period, no unit or individual shall charge the user service and maintenance fee in any form (replacement of spare parts charged separately).
Replacement service: During the warranty period, any defect or oil leakage caused by the casing when the casing is discharged from the factory can be directly applied to the product supplier for replacement after being verified by the company's personnel.

No refund is allowed below.

For over insured commodities (more than three packages warranty period);
Commodity quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accident, alteration, incorrect installation, or tear, alter label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;
The outer packing, accessories, gifts, manuals of the goods are incomplete, and the invoice is missing or altered.
Damage caused by force majeure;
For details, please consult Kim Jie you call center: 0086-578-3161858.